The Tax Office has now confirmed that the luxury car tax threshold for the financial year 2018-19 will increase slightly to $66,331 (up from $65,094).


Go Green with Envy. Australians are slowly realising that the best way to avoid queuing up at a petrol station is to go green. It wasn't that long ago that the fuel efficient cars were seen as the bastion of inner city hippies. However, in recent times, public sentiment has changed and with that comes a greater awareness of the availability of environmentally friendly, fuel efficient or low emission vehicles. Here's some of what is on offer in 2018. 


For most enthusiasts the legendary A9X remains the ultimate Torana and arguably GM-H’s finest muscle car, a homologation weapon that kept Holden at the top of the game in one of the greatest eras of touring car racing. One serious enthusiast just splashed out $275k for a piece of nostalgia.


Your jet ski & personal watercraft can provide unrivalled fun out on the water, but investing some time to understand the rules and etiquette will pay dividends when it comes to your safety and those around you.

Your the skipper, you're responsible. Remember, boating safety & etiquette is a responsibility we all share on the waterways.