Horse Float Finance

Comfort, style & safety. Now is the time to invest in a quality horse float. Learn more about the latest addition to our product suite.


How to Finance Horse Floats

Get the right interest rate & term when you finance a horse float. AFS try and make the journey comfortable for both you! Learn more...

Best Time to Buy a New Car?

Save Thousands the Next Time you Buy a New Car? Timing is Everything when it comes to purchasing and financing your new car. Read more to reap the rewards

MoneySmart Cars App

Understand the real costs of buying and running a car so that you make informed choices prior to purchase. Check out the MoneySmart Cars App.

Late Payment?

When should you start to worry about a late payment? The important facts when it comes to managing your household bills so you protect your credit rating.

Classic Car Loans

We all have dreams! Vintage, Classic, Unique, Muscle, Restored and Imported - AFS is the lender of choice for discerning buyers when it comes to classic car loans. Learn more...

Electric Speed Record

Electric car sets world acceleration record by taking only 1.513 seconds to reach 100km/h. Watch this incredible video.

Luxury Car Tax

The threshold for Luxury Car Tax has been increased but Australians appetite for luxury brands strengthens. Read more on Luxury Car Tax.

Win for Salary Packaging

A clear direction on policy for salary packaging by Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, provides confidence to car buyers.

Add-On Insurance:
Buyer Beware!

ASIC warns consumers about add-on car insurance sold by car dealers that is "expensive", "poor value" and provides "very little to no benefit"

Lemon Laws

Queensland Government conducts inquiry into "lemon laws" and looks to improve consumer protection.

Low Rate Car Loans

An AFS car loan is the perfect way to finance your new or used car & the interest rate is fixed for the life of the loan.

Import Car Loans

AFS is the lender of choice for discerning buyers when it comes to financing imported cars. Stand-out from the crowd! Learn more...

How to Finance Imported Cars

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Best Car Loan Rates

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Balloon Payments Explained

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Luxury Car Tax Explained

Understand how luxury car tax works, what the LCT rate & thresholds are this year and whether it applies to your vehicle of choice.