A new report released by CHOICE suggests new car buyers are struggling to get faults with their new car fixed or repaired when things go wrong.

Last year the Queensland Government conducted an inquiry into “Lemon” laws - Consumer Protections and Remedies for Buyers of New Motor Vehicles.

New motor vehicle lemon laws were passed by the Queensland Government to give greater consumer protection for buyers of defective cars; but the new laws also protect buyers of motorbikes, motorhomes and caravans.

Whilst the new lemon laws are great news for car buyers, some dealers warn they could be driven out of business.

QCAT’s jurisdictional limit has been raised from $25,000 to claims of up $100,000 for new and used motor vehicles. The reforms also restore 30‑day warranties for motorists buying a motor vehicle more than 10-years old or with more than 160,000 kilometres on-the-clock from a licensed dealer.