• 1965 Porsche 356C Cabriolet
  • Immaculate restoration. Comes with original owner's manual
  • Unique Classic Car in Bali Blue with tan leather

Porsche 356 models are considered by purists to be the pinnacle of the classic car design and drive. Shannon's have two fine examples going under the hammer at its Melbourne Summer Auction on December 9.

This stunning 1965 Porsche is expected to fetch $230,000 - $260,000 at Shannon's Melbourne Auction on December 9. Car Finance available through AFS with 50% deposit.

The 356 can fairly be described as the car that put Porsche on the map, with its unconventional rear-mounted flat-four engine starting a tradition that continues to the present day.

The earliest 356's were somewhat under-powered and very primitive in terms of equipment but, by the late 1950's, it had matured into an altogether more sophisticated sports car, with plenty of creature comforts.

In September 1959, the most radical development of the 356 was announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show, with an entirely restyled body - designated the T5 - featuring different bumpers and revised front wings with the headlamps mounted higher up.

In 1961 Porsche announced a Roadster variant to fill the gap between the spartan Speedster and the more luxurious Cabriolet, joining the existing Coupe. The chassis also underwent some revision and the tendency towards oversteer was reduced (radial tyres as standard fitment helped in this regard), while the floorpan was altered to increase rear passenger space.

By the time the 356C entered production in 1963, Porsche's first model had become a very refined sports car and had attracted a large following of very satisfied owners.

Although visually similar to the 356B, it was improved in many small aspects. For example, the seats were more sporting, the wheel studs were closer together and were covered by a different hubcap, a thicker anti-roll bar improved handling and the car featured four-wheel disc brakes.

Thanks to these improvements, most 356 enthusiasts regard the 'C' as offering the best combination of comfort and performance of all 356 models.

The model was available in two states of engine tune - 75HP 'C' and 95HP 'SC' - the latter giving the car true sports car performance.

Cabriolet models added another dimension to Porsche motoring and with their excellent weather proofing make them a practical and enjoyable vehicle for daily use in all seasons.

The 1965  Porsche 356C comes in "Bali Blue" and car finance is available through AFS with 50% deposit.

More about the 1965 Porsche 356C Cabriolet:

You'll Love It.

This beautifully restored 1965 Porsche 356C Cabriolet, presented in lustrous Bali Blue with a Tan – almost Tabac – luxurious leather interior with a felt-lined blue soft top; it’s a quality restoration all the way.

It sits on steel wheels with hubcaps, there’s a rear-mounted luggage rack and all the chrome reflects the time and money spent.

The detailing is excellent, right down to the correct sisal-style carpet and original radio, two speakers and antenna as delivered new to Germany.

It’s been converted to right hand drive at some stage and comes with its original owner’s manual and a large history file, including receipts.

A pair of classic flip-down Porsche rear seats give this 356C Cabriolet a bit more practicality but really, this is a car for cruising with the roof down on sunny Sundays and enjoying what’s now a highly desirable classic.

It is being sold with its original owner’s manual, service book and a spare set of keys, a 356-restoration guide, a hardcover guide to the 356, an original sales brochure, and a receipts folder that tells the story of work done.

Previously on Victorian club registration, it is being offered for sale here unregistered.

Classic Car Finance for collectible older used cars is a specialty niche for AFS:

"AFS specialises in European classics such the Porsche & Jaguar, but also familiar classics like the Holden HQ GTS Monaro, Holden Torana, and Ford Mustangs" says Brad Dale, Executive Director of AFS.

"What AFS can do that other mainstream lenders can't is put a price on these unique vehicle that are often 50 years of age or more" says Mr Dale.

"For many people, buying a classic car is an emotional experience that delves into our past memories and experiences. However, given the prices that are being paid for some collectible vehicles and their scarcity, we recommend that bidders compliment their auction bidding strategy with a pre-approved loan, that way you have the confidence to bid with authority on the night and won't miss out on the car of your dreams" says Mr Dale.

"Lot 64, is a stunning example of the classic 356C that has been painstakingly restored to its former glory."

"Whilst we will typically lend up to $100,000 on this type of classic car, in this case we would be prepared to lend up to $130,000 with the successful buyer contributing a 50% deposit." Mr Dale advises.

"We can also offer an interest rate of 9.97% (Comparison rate 11.44%) and hte loan can be pre-approved before the auction, so buyers can shop in confidence."

In the case of this immaculately restored 1965 356C Cabriolet, whilst the car is being sold unregistered, AFS is prepared to arrange car finance for the lucky bidder subject to the vehicle being registered within seven (7) days.

"Customers can arrange car finance through AFS that ensures flexibility of choice:

  • Dealer, Auction House or Private Sale;
  • New, Demonstrator or Used;
  • Classic, Vintage or Restored cars;
  • Cars of any age to a total value of $100,000."

Check out the 1965 Porsche 356C Cabriolet (Lot 64):