For most enthusiasts the legendary A9X remains the ultimate Torana and arguably GM-H’s finest muscle car, a homologation weapon that kept Holden at the top of the game in one of the greatest eras of touring car racing.

One serious enthusiast just splashed out $275k for a piece of nostalgia.

A 1977 Holden LX Torana A9X Hatchback fetched $275,000 in Shannons Sydney Autumn Auction in March 2018

The pristine Holden Torana which sat in a North Sydney storage unit for almost 30 years set a new record when it under the hammer at Shannons Sydney Autumn Auction by selling for $275,000.

"The ultra-rare Holden carries legendary status amongst enthusiasts," according to auctioneer, Stuart Roberts.

Originally expected to fetch between $200k - $250k, the successful bidder pushed the price up to a staggering $275,000.

"They're a highly sought after and valued vehicle, largely because so few of them were built. They only made 300 odd sedans and 100 hatchbacks." Mr Roberts said.

Roberts said the A9X was one of those cars many collectors dreamt of owning because of its rich Australian history.

"This particular example came from the Northern suburbs of Sydney where the owner had it stored for nearly 30 years. It has good provenance and traceable history – we have the original delivery books for when the car was first delivered to Homebush in Sydney," said Roberts.

"Nostalgia adds a lot of value to these cars.  A lot of people purchase these cars from the 60s and 70s with their heart and not their head – it reminds them of a time when perhaps their dad drove one."

The vehicle was first built in November 1977 and delivered to its original owner in the Sydney suburb of Homebush in 1978.

By the mid-1980s records show it was bought by a Mr Ferkula who had the NRMA verify its authenticity as an A9X with a letter. It passed through at least one more Sydneysider's hands before being bought by the vehicle seller in 1990.

With just 94,184 kilometres on the clock, the car had been hidden away in a storage unit for 27 years while the previous owner worked interstate.

Finished in "Jasmine Yellow" and featuring a slate black vinyl upholstery, the A9X boasted a L31 5-litre V8 engine with electric cooling fan matched to a 4-speed manual gearbox.

The vehicle was sold with all of its original books – including Mr Ferkula's letter from the NRMA on file – and still has the original steel spare in the boot.

Shannon's describes the A9X as being in "surprisingly good mechanical health."

The 1977 Holden Torana comes in "Jasmine Yellow" and a L31 5-litre V8 engine



More about the 1977 Holden LX Torana A9X Hatchback:

A development of the successful L34, the A9X was designed to meet new ADR anti-pollution laws in 1976, becoming the first Holden to feature disc brakes on all four wheels.

Built in limited numbers - 305 sedans were made, just 100 hatchbacks and a further 33 GMP&A lightweight shells for race cars - the A9X option was available on both the SL/R 5000 sedan and SS hatchback LX Toranas.

However the A9X’s floorpan was unique, featuring a Salisbury rear axle and rear discs, steering gear that was bolted directly to the platform and a 3.08 diff.

Under the bonnet Holden employed the L31 5-litre V8 with an electric cooling fan, mated to the usual M21 four-speed gearbox, although Borg-Warner’s T10 box was optional.

In keeping with the A9X’s competition-oriented nature, the interior was stripped of sound deadening, the seats were mounted differently and equipment kept to the bare minimum - not even a radio was fitted.

Visual changes included the SLR’s bolt-on flares and rear spoiler, brake cooling ducts in the front spoiler and a functional reverse air scoop on the blacked out bonnet - all told there were around 100 or so differences that set the model apart from lesser Toranas.

Having homologated these parts with CAMS, Holden cleaned up on the track each year from 1977 through to 1979 before the A9X was retired with the introduction of the Commodore in 1980.

With Radial Tuned Suspension providing exemplary handling, disc brakes at either end giving superb stopping power and plenty of grunt from the high performance 5-litre V8 engine, critics agreed the A9X made a fabulous road burner.

Right from the outset, Holden fans knew the A9X was something special and it has long been sought after by collectors as one of the most iconic of all Aussie muscle cars.

Check out the 1977 Holden LX Torana A9X Hatchback:

Despite the closure of local car manufacturing plants, the demand for our homegrown vehicles is as strong as ever with prices set increase into the future as car collectors demand intensifies for near to original Australian built classics.

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