There are so many great regions and sites to explore in Australia with your caravan or camper trailer that it's often difficult to decide where to take the family on its next adventure. We explore some of the best campgrounds, bush camps and glamping sites to help you narrow down the options for your next family holiday.

Australians love to travel, particularly overseas. Every year thousands of Aussies pack their suitcases and fly off to the other side of the world to places like London, Paris, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and New York. But few of us ever think about travelling in our own backyard. Australia is home to some of the most breath-taking and unique locations in the world. And there’s no better way to experience the beauty of our natural landscape than camping, according to Today travel expert Quentin Long. 

“One thing about Australians is that we love to commune with our country and our nature and our land,” he said.

“[Camping] really allows us to do that. It strips us away from the hotel rooms… and really connects us with the land.

“It can be as expensive or as cheap as you like. You have total control and you get access to some things that are absolutely hidden from the rest of the world.”

If you’re looking to experience the best that Australia has to offer, Long recommends you pitch up a tent at the following campsites:

In Queensland, the Big4 Airlie Cove Resort ($49/night) is great for kids. It has been a little damaged by Cyclone Debbie, but is quickly getting back on its feet.

Down south on the coast of NSW, Kioloa Beach Holiday Park ($28/night) offers a location right next to the beach. It’s also pet friendly.

If you’re looking for something a bit more mellow, Bright Holiday Park in Victoria ($33/night) is located at the edge of the beautiful Morses Creek. Best time to go is autumn, so perfect for the Easter break.

Rawnsley Park in South Australia ($25/night) offers beautiful views of the Wilpena Pound mountain range at the heart of the Flinders Ranges National Park. One of Long’s favourite places in all of Australia.

In Western Australia, the Lake Argyle Caravan Park ($25/night) has an infinity pool that overlooks the Lake Argyle area, which truly has to be seen to be believed.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more rugged, Long recommends the Whitsunday Island National Park ($6.15/pp) in Queensland which lets you camp right on Whitehaven beach. Perfect for a day trip.

For those looking for quiet, Newnes Campground in NSW (FREE) is hidden at the back of the stunning Wollemi National Park.

If you’re looking for a fresh alternative to the famous Bells Beach in Victoria, Johanna Beach ($29/night) is a great alternative. It’s just off the Great Ocean Road and has breath taking green valley views.

Western River Kangaroo Island ($5/night) in South Australia offers an intimate stay with only five campsites in total.

Finally Lucky Bay ($10/night) in Western Australia is one of the most pristine places in the whole of Australia. According to Long: “If you go there, you will never, ever be able to go to another beach it’s that beautiful.”

For those of us with more luxurious taste, glamping, or “glamorous camping” may be the way to go and Long has us covered.

In Queensland, he recommends Nightfall for its high-end rooms and beautiful location in the wilderness of Lamington National Park.

And finally, if you want the camping experience without moving too far from the city, a group called Flash Camp can set you up with your own private tent on Clarke Island right on Sydney Harbour.

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Bush Camping:



Just to wet your appetite - Top 5 Campsites in Australia by TIAV :

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