Australians love the great outdoors and the latest national vehicle sales figures for 2016 reinforce this with the Toyota Hilux dominating sales selling 42,104 units to top the national vehicle sales chart.

Australians purchased a record-number of new cars in 2016. The new record of 1,178,133 units beats the previous record set in 2015 by 2%.

SUV's accounted for 34.7 per cent of the total market, up from 35.4 percent in 2015.

Releasing the 2016 full-year sales results, FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said the past decade had seen a remarkable change in the traditional composition of the Australian vehicle market as evidenced by the success of the Hilux as the nation’s top-selling vehicle in 2016, and the ever-growing strength of Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) sales.

“Calendar year 2016 marks the seventh year in a row that the Australian new car market has topped 1 million sales, and this result posts the industry’s third record in four years,” Mr Weber said.

“It is an intriguing and exciting time for industry watchers as there’s little doubt we are observing a significant and dynamic transition in consumer preference. While buyer demand for traditional passenger cars remains healthy, it’s clear consumers are gradually transitioning into other segments.

“The growth, as was witnessed in 2016 and appears certain to continue in 2017, is in SUVs and light commercial vehicles, particularly dual cab utilities.

“New models with significant performance and comfort attributes, combined with the existing vehicle mix, continued to make Australia one of the most competitive new car markets in the world.

“It’s this level of competition, and the diversity of more than 400 models on offer, which drives value for the Australian consumer.

“This variety of choice and value, combined with 24 quarters of national economic growth and low interest rates has created a confluence of positive factors to encourage motor vehicle sales.”

Top 10 Brands for 2016:

  1. Toyota — 209,610 (up 1.6 per cent)
  2. Mazda — 118,217 (up 3.7 per cent)
  3. Hyundai — 101,555 (down 0.4 per cent)
  4. Holden — 94,308 (down 8.4 per cent)
  5. Ford — 81,207 (up 15.3 per cent)
  6. Mitsubishi — 73,368 (up 2.3 per cent)
  7. Nissan — 66,826 (up 1.2 per cent)
  8. Volkswagen — 56,571 (down 6.1 per cent)
  9. Subaru — 47,018 (up 10.4 per cent)
  10. Kia — 42,668 (up 26.5 per cent) 

Top 10 Models for 2016:

  1. Toyota Hilux — 42,104
  2. Toyota Corolla — 40,330
  3. Hyundai i30 — 37,772
  4. Ford Ranger — 36,934
  5. Mazda 3 — 36,107
  6. Toyota Camry — 26,485
  7. Holden Commodore — 25,860
  8. Mazda CX-5 — 24,564
  9. Mitsubishi Triton — 21,987
  10. Hyundai Tucson — 20,132


Also of note is that Business Sales increased by 13 per cent compared with 2015. However, interestingly Private Sales declined by 5.8 per cent compared to 2015 suggesting increased activity through car dealerships who were willing to do deals throughout the year.

In response to the strong year, Managing Director of AFS, Brian Anderson, said "Buoyant new car sales for 2016 has translated across to the car finance market with AFS enjoying record car loan volumes."

"At AFS, our business car loan product or commercial car loan has been very popular with finance brokers to finance SUV's like the Mazda CX-5 and 4x4 utes like the Toyota Hilux."

"Despite the growth in new car sales, our car loans for used cars remains our mainstay and we have been increasing our car finance for older cars, vintage cars, classic cars that have enjoyed a resurgence." Mr Anderson said.

"Customers can arrange car finance through AFS that ensures flexibility of choice:

  • Dealer, Auction or Private Sale;
  • New, Demonstrator or Used;
  • Classic, Vintage or Exotic cars;
  • Cars of any age to a total value of $100,000."