AFSA has developed a new quick motor vehicle search tool to help you check that the second hand car you want to buy is free from debt, not repossessed, reported written-off or stolen. Find out how to do a quick motor search on the PPSR register.

Buying a car privately can be great value, but you want to be sure the car you’re considering hasn’t got any finance owing on it and hasn’t been reported as stolen or previously written off.

Check before you buy. Make sure the used car you want to buy is free from debt, not repossessed, not a reported write-off or stolen.

The Quick Motor Vehicle Search tool means you can check all this information in seconds when you go to inspect a car.

Simply enter all the key details.

The Vehicle Identification Number – or VIN – is located on the car, so it’s easy to put into the search.

Searching is extremely affordable and payment by credit card is quick and secure.

The results are shown immediately on screen…and a full certificate is emailed to you, which is a legal record of the search.

The Quick Motor Vehicle Search helps you check that the used car or second-hand car you want to buy is:

  • free from debt;
  • safe from repossession;
  • not reported written-off; and
  • not stolen.

Of course, if the results aren’t good, you can choose to walk away from a vehicle, knowing you’ve protected yourself and your money.

The Quick Motor Vehicle Search. Have it handy the next time you want to buy a second-hand car.

AFSA, the government body that manages the PPSR register, has also produced a Quick Motor vehicle Search flyer. Learn more now.

    Be Smart


Check PPSR before you buy.

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