Australians aren't doing that badly if you consider the latest new car sales figures that hit an all-time record of 1,155,408. And the vehicles most in demand are SUV's and luxury sports cars. 

The three fastest-growing marques were Porsche up 45 per cent, Ferrari up 48 per cent, and Lamborghini up an incredible 211 per cent!

Releasing the 2015 full-year sales results, Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries chief executive Tony Weber indicated that Australia continued to be one of the most competitive new car markets in the world.

“The high level of choice in the Australian new car market is delivering Australian consumers’ access to high-quality vehicles at record affordability levels,” he said.

“In addition, the competitiveness of the market has seen new car buyers access an extensive range of finance options and genuine service offers that maintain the value and integrity of the vehicle.

“It is clear that there has never been a better time to buy a new car.”

Mr Weber said SUV sales in particular continued to boom in 2015, with the vehicle type now accounting for around 35.4 per cent of the market, up from 31.7 per cent in 2014.

“Despite the significant rise in SUV sales over the past few years, passenger cars still hold some popularity,” Mr Weber said. “The segment is still the largest selling segment, holding 44.6 per cent of the total market in 2015.”

Top 10 Brands for 2015:

  1. Toyota — 206,236 (up 1.3 per cent)
  2. Mazda — 114,024 (up 13.2 per cent)
  3. Holden — 102,951 (down 3 per cent)
  4. Hyundai — 102,004 (up 2 per cent)
  5. Mitsubishi — 71,743 (up 4.5 per cent)
  6. Ford — 70,454 (down 11.6 per cent)
  7. Nissan — 66,062 (up 0.1 per cent)
  8. Volkswagen — 60,225 (up 9.9 per cent)
  9. Subaru — 42,600 (up 7.6 per cent)
  10. Honda — 40,100 (up 21.5 per cent) 

Top 10 Models for 2015:

  1. Toyota Corolla — 42,073
  2. Mazda 3 — 38,644
  3. Toyota HiLux — 35,161
  4. Hyundai i30 — 32,306
  5. Ford Ranger — 29,185
  6. Holden Commodore — 27,770
  7. Toyota Camry — 27,654
  8. Mitsubishi Triton — 25,338
  9. Mazda CX-5 — 25,136
  10. Volkswagen Golf — 22,092


Also of note is that Private Sales continue to climb increasing by 3.7 per cent compared to 2014 and business sales increased by 4.9 per cent.

In response to the strong year, Managing Director of AFS, Brian Anderson, said "It's great to see the motor vehicle industry continue to be a vibrant and growing part of the economy, supported by a healthy finance sector."

"At AFS, we continually look at market trends to determine whether our products and services are relevant and user friendly for our customers. In particular, we try to ensure that our customers have flexibility in what they want to purchase and where they want to purchase it."

"Customers can arrange car finance through AFS that ensures flexibility of choice:

  • Dealer, Auction or Private Sale;
  • New, Demonstrator or Used;
  • Classic, Vintage or Exotic cars;
  • Cars of any age to a total value of $100,000."