You can save thousands the next time you buy a new car!

Timing is Everything when it comes to purchasing your new car.

By being in the right place at the right time you could save thousands.

And if you're financing your vehicle, the impact of the savings can be even greater.

Whatever is driving you to make the purchase of your next car - you've just got your drivers licence, your family has grown, you've just got a pay increase or you just have the desire to explore the great outdoors - being patient and knowing when to shop means you could save thousands. 


1. At the End of the Year (December)

As the new year fast approaches, dealers are keen to move vehicles that have a compliance plate stamped with the current year. This is because they know the new year's models are on their way and their arrival is usually highly promoted by manufacturers - driving prices of the current model down even further.

Dealers also need to free up their cash flow to cover the cost of bringing the new models into stock.

Often dealers are paid an incentive or "bonus" to clear the end-of-year model or 'old-stockers' and to ensure they are not caught having to carry any current models across into the new year a dealer will often pass this bonus onto you.

The motor industry is highly tuned to satisfy consumers demand for the latest and greatest technology and vehicle styling. However, many of the model updates are simply cosmetic. For the astute car buyer, significant discounts can be achieved without sacrificing on performance or comfort.

2. At the End of the Month

To a lesser extent, the same principle that applies at year-end also applies to month-end, and even end-of-day.

Car dealerships and their sales staff have targets to achieve and these are usually set on a monthly basis. If the Sales Manager at a car dealership hasn't achieved his monthly sales quota he will be more willing to do a low margin deal to hit their target.

Sometimes dealers may even sell a car at less than cost. Within the industry this is sometimes referred to as 'going into hold-back'.

A key tactic at month end is to make a personal appearance at the car dealer's lot and let them know you have the cash available to make the purchase or have your finance already approved and ready to go.

3. On Public Holidays

In Australia, there are many public holidays throughout the year that provide an opportune time to negotiate a great price on your next car.

Whilst most of us enjoy public holidays as they give us the ability to spend time with family and friends, there is a small group of people that need to work; including car salespeople. Given that they have chosen to work on a public holiday (or maybe they haven't) should tell you that they are also very prepared to sell & finance some cars to justify their sacrifice. Make the most of the holidays and negotiate a deal on your next set of wheels.

Manufacturers will often advertise special deals on public holidays so ensure you do your research before you go shopping. Be armed with information about the deals being offered by competitor car manufacturers and dealers as you can this knowledge the drive the best deal from the sales person.

4. Model run-outs 

Whilst many model run-outs occur at the end of the year, model proliferation is happening constantly throughout the year as well. So it pays to understand the life cycle of the particular car make and model you are interested in and get prepared to negotiate when the change-over occurs.

Whether the model of car is being completely superseded or its just a cosmetic change, be smart and time your negotiation when the vendor is keen to get out with the old and in with the new! 

Again, make sure you have everything ready-to-go at your end such as your trade-in ready of appraisal and finance pre-approved.

If you decide you need finance for your next car purchase, please note that you can arrange a conditional approval or pre-approval directly with AFS' direct sales team who will update your loan approval once the exact details of the car are known - that way you can negotiate with confidence.

Please note that if you use a finance broker you may be charged an origination fee which is separate to the AFS Fees & Charges but this fee can also be financed as part of your loan. If you use a finance broker, you should ask for a copy of their credit guide and obtain a credit quote from them.

This car buying tip applies generally to all car dealerships around the country, so whether you're buying a car in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Gold Coast, or a regional centre, do your homework, be patient but be confident to negotiate when you know you can drive a bargain.


Benefits of arranging your car finance through AFS:

  • Ability to obtain a conditional approval (or pre-approval) so you can negotiate with confidence
  • Secured Car Loan with fixed interest rate for the term of the loan;
  • No restriction on type of car;
  • No restriction on age of car;
  • Generally no deposit required;
  • Ability to purchase through a car dealer, auction house or private seller;
  • Ability to finance your comprehensive insurance as part of the loan; and
  • Arrange direct with AFS, through your finance broker or the car dealer (if accredited with AFS).



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