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Bad Credit Loans

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Whilst trying to do your best to deal with a unique set of circumstances, sometimes your credit rating suffers as a consequence. With flexibility and understanding, AFS is one of the few credit providers that you can turn to to obtain a sensibly priced car loan and to help you re-establish your credit rating.


If your credit history isn't perfect due to special circumstances or you're a discharged bankrupt but have a good deposit, then a Bad Credit Loan from AFS is the credible way to get yourself back on your feet. By re-establishing your credit rating with AFS (a member of the Australian Finance Conference) we will be able to provide a recognised credit reference to your bank or financial institution of your choice when you next need a loan. This may be particularly important if you are considering buying a home at some stage in the future.

AFS Bad Credit Loan Categories

AFS may be able to provide credit to you if you fall into one of the following bad credit categories:

  • I have a small paid default under $2,000;
  • I have 2 small paid defaults under $2,000;
  • I have an unpaid default under $500;
  • I have an unpaid default under $500 and a small paid default under $2,000; or
  • I am a discharged bankrupt.

AFS is a well established, Australian owned and operated company with over 25 years' experience in the Australian financial services markets. AFS' mission is to understand your requirements & objectives and provide an affordable finance solution that suits your needs and financial situation.

You can obtain a copy of your credit report from:

My Credit File

My Credit File gives Australian consumers access to their credit file held by Veda Advanatge Limited – Australia's largest credit reporting agency.











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