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At AFS we understand that life can sometimes throw you a curve ball which unfortunately negatively impacts your credit rating and credit score. As a consequence your ability to borrow money is restricted with the standard loan products of the banks; that's where AFS comes in!
What is a Bad Credit Loan?
A bad credit loan is for people who have a poor credit history and typically can’t get a loan from a traditional lender, like a bank.
AFS understands that bad things happen to good people and can assist you if you’ve struggled to manage your finances in the past and have defaults listed on your credit report. Our aim is to lend responsibly and rehabilitate your credit rating.

What is a bad credit history?

A bad credit history occurs when you don't repay your debts in accordance with terms of a credit contract and the lender(s) report this to a credit reporting body such as Equifax Pty Ltd ("Equifax" and formerly Veda Advantage Limited). The reasons for recording your bad credit history may include:

  • An overdue debt of at least $150 that is overdue by 60 days or more;
  • Slow repayment history;
  • Rejected or declined credit applications;
  • Part IX Debt Agreement between you and their creditor, where the creditors agree to accept an amount of money that you can afford to pay; and
  • Bankruptcy.

Equifax is Australia's leading and most comprehensive credit reporting company, providing consumers with their most comprehensive credit report.

Equifax also provides credit reporting, credit scoring and data analytics services to the credit industry in return for a fee.

Equifax holds information on people and companies that helps enable consumers to manage their credit profile as well as credit providers to make responsible lending decisions.

If you have a credit card, phone contract, personal loan or mortgage, it’s likely you have a credit file held by a credit reporting agency such as Equifax.

The information Equifax holds helps consumers know where they stand when it comes to credit and helps lenders, like AFS, make a decision on whether to accept or decline an individual for credit.

Equifax Credit Reports, Scores & Alerts


AFS enables you to borrow between $4,000 and $35,000 depending on our assessment of your capacity to repay and current circumstances. Loan terms range between 12 months and 60 months. Any new commitments that establish your ability to repay a debt such as phone bills or credit cards greatly assist your credit risk profile and ability to secure an asset finance loan.

No. The same fees and charges apply to a bad credit loan with AFS as a prime credit loan.

However, please careful with other credit providers as many build in risk weighted fees that often add an additional 10% to the interest you are paying.

It's always a good idea to deal with a reputable company like AFS that doesn't charge such fees.

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What type of Bad Credit Loan are you after?
Bad Credit Loans
You have a good job but your credit history may not be perfect. You just need some flexibility & understanding to get an affordable secured loan.

Credit Impaired Loans
You have one or more credit defaults and need a credit provider who will listen to you and work with you to re-establish your credit rating.

Bankrupt Loans
You've been discharged from bankruptcy and want to re-establish your credit rating. AFS will work with you to tailor a loan that will meet your special circumstances.

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