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Used Car Loans or Second-hand Car Finance -
AFS is the lender of choice for discerning buyers when it comes to used cars. AFS has no restriction on type or age of vehicle and we will finance the car of dreams whether you decide to buy from a car dealership, auction house or from a private vendor.
More about Used Car Finance
Since 1988, AFS has been providing finance for the purchase of used vehicles and second-hand cars.
We understand that buyers of used cars are price conscious and discerning when it comes to the mechanical status of their potential purchase. Buyers often spend invaluable hours of time researching the history & condition of the car they want to buy, so the last thing you need is for a financial institution to tell you that the car is outside their lending criteria. At AFS, we aim to finance any roadworthy type of used car, irrespective of its origins, age or odometer. Whether you need a loan for used passenger vehicle or a classic sports vehicle, AFS will be able to assist you and provide a very competitive interest rate and loan structure. So why not ask our specialist about the car you're interested in financing.

Am I able to get finance for any used car?

Yes. Unlike the asset finance divisions of most banks and lenders, AFS does not have a restriction on financing particular vehicle models or have an age restriction. Either directly or through accredited finance brokers, we have financed most of the various vehicle types that Australian's look to purchase.

An independent valuation of many vehicles can be provided by valuation specialists such as Glass's Guide and Redbook.

AFS subscribes to Glass's Guide which is used by most banks and car dealers across Australia and we provide access to you on our website - free of charge! 

Try our valuation tool now:

AFS Valuation Tool


AFS enables you to borrow between $5,000 and $130,000 depending on our assessment of your capacity to repay and current circumstances. Loan terms range between 12 months and 60 months (or longer if you have good credit) and we can even finance your comprehensive insurance so that you know your car will be covered at all times. 

No. The same fees and charges apply to a used car loan as they do for a new vehicle.


To learn more about our fees & charges go to:

AFS Fees & Charges

Can I use a finance broker to obtain a loan for a used car?

Yes. The AFS Used Car Loan product is used extensively by finance brokers, particularly when it comes to used cars or older vehicles, imported cars, and classic cars. 

Also if you were to arrange a loan through your bank, if the vehicle is over 7 years of age then the relevant product is an unsecured personal loan which is often more expensive than their standard car loan product.

Please note that if you use a finance broker you may be charged an origination fee which is separate to the AFS Fees & Charges but can also be financed as part of your loan. If you use a broker, you should ask for a copy of their credit guide and obtain a credit quote from them.





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