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Top 50 Classic Cars in Australia

Australian’s passion for the motor car, and the indelible mark they have left on us individually and as a nation, stirs emotion and much debate when trying to determine the most iconic and inspired vehicles in our history. But auto writers Tony Hagon and Bruce Newton have try to do exactly that in the latest book for revheads called “Kings of the Road – 50 cars that drove Australia”.


Top 50 Classic Cars in Australia *

  1. Holden 48-215
  2. Ford Model T
  3. Toyota Landcruiser FJ25
  4. Holden VE/VF Commodore
  5. Ford Falcon XK
  6. Ford Territory
  7. Ford Falcon GT and GTHO
  8. Holden Monaro
  9. Holden VB Commodore
  10. Toyota Corolla
  11. HSV GTSR W1
  12. Toyota Landcruiser 70-Series
  13. Ford Coupe Utility
  14. The Repco-Brabham
  15. Holden Sandman
  16. Holden Hurricane
  17. Toyota Hilux
  18. Holden HQ
  19. Ford Fairlane
  20. Chrysler R-Series and AP5
  21. Mini
  22. Toyota RAV4
  23. Toyota landcruiser 80-Series
  24. Toyota Celica
  25. Volkswagen Beetle
  26. Missan Patrol
  27. Elfin
  28. Goggomobil Dart
  29. Chrysler Valiant Charger
  30. Austin Tasman X6 and Kimberley X6
  31. Toyota Prado
  32. Holden EH
  33. Nissan GT-R
  34. Subaru WRX
  35. Ford Falcom XM
  36. Bolwell Nagari
  37. Ford Falcon AU/BA
  38. Jeep Willys
  39. Leyland P76
  40. Mini Moke
  41. Subaru Brumby
  42. Land Rover Defender
  43. Toyota Camry Hybrid
  44. Volkswagen Kombi
  45. Mitsubishi Pajero
  46. Holden Torana
  47. Ford Everest/Ranger
  48. Chrysler/Mitsubishi Sigma
  49. Toyota Landcruiser 200-Series
  50. Thales Bushmaster


* Toby Hagon and Bruce Newton, Kings of the Road - 50 Cars that drove Australia Pan MacMillan Australia 2018 

Brands like Holden, Ford and Toyota became a part of our national identity and helped many of us define our individual personalities.


Kings of the Road - Cover Sleeve

Meet the Kings of the Road. These are the cars that drove Australia - the greatest, bravest, most iconic and inspired vehicles in our history.

Every one of them has a story to tell. From the irst manufactured in Australia to the 'beast' that started the feud between Holden and Ford. The first car to cross the Simpson Desert and a 12-tonne Bushmaster that carried our soldiers into war. The 'kangaroo Chaser' inspired by a farmer's wife and named by Henry Ford himself. And the fastest, most powerful Aussie car of all.

Big rigs and pocket battleships, Tough cars for country roads. Versatile rides for city living. Road warriors and street machines. Tanks and trailblazers. Painted wagons and dreams shariots. Super utes and concept cars. Legends of the track and even a few loveable lemons.

These cars revved the engines, captured the hearts and carried the dreams of Australians.

All hail the Kings of the Road.

Kings of the Road: 50 Cars that drove Australia

Kings of the Road - Start your Engines

There's no doubt Australia was made for motorised transport.

A sparse population spread over a huge continent meant the car became intrinsic to Australian life.

It delivered personal freedom, taking is to places we could never have got to otherwise, kept us in contact and helped us make new friends.

Brands like Holden, Ford and Toyota became a part of our national identity and helped many of us define our individual personalities with vehicles such as the 48-215, the Falcon and the Landcruiser.

They're cars that have helped shape Australia culture, at times becoming better known for their advertising jingles or attachment to a TV show than how they transported people.

There have been others, such as Leyland, that tried and failed and local heroes like Bolwell, that made an impact but didn't last.

Through more than 100 years, the car has been with us, evolving as we do, becoming more sophisticated, more aspirational, more global.

Now, at a time when lifestyles are becoming more urban, the role and importance of the car continues to evolve.

The influence of the traditional sedan is waning and SUVs and pick-ups are on the rise. Electric vehicles are coming, and so is autonomy - or driverless cars. 

The ride-sharing revolution means many people may not even own a vehicle in decades to come.

But whatever the future brings, it's important to celebrate what the motor vehicle has meant to Australia. We've tried to do that here, recognising 50 of the greatest four-wheeled influences on Australian life.

Popular or niche, extraordinary or quite mundane in their technology, stunning to drive or simply good enough to get you to the shops, this disparate collection all made a contribution and all are worth celebrating.

We've called them The Kings of the Road.

All hail the Kings of the Road.

Kings of the Road: 50 Cars that drove Australia

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