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Understanding more about financial products

Using finance to purchase an asset such as a car, bike, boat, caravan or camper trailer is an important decision as the term of these products is often many years.

It pays to do your research about the available products in the market place and how they compare against each other, taking into account such factors as the comparison interest rate, associated fees and charges and, mostly importantly, the actual monthly or weekly loan repayment.

When your loan is for personal use, the choice is quite easy as the products are regulated under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 giving you peace of mind. However, you should still review your loan contract thoroughly to ensure the amount being financed, including any insurance products, term, and interest rate are as agreed.

If the asset you are buying is for your business, there are a whole range of different products to choose from. Whilst we provide some detail on each product, check with your accountant about the product that maximises the benefits for your business.

AFS is committed to understanding your requirements & objectives. At AFS we aim to provide you with a credit product that suits your needs and financial situation, and deliver the highest level of personal service efficiently, honestly and fairly. By offering flexible solutions tailored to your personal circumstances or those of your business, AFS can help you buy the car, boat, bike, caravan or light commercial of your dreams.

Since 1988 we have helped tens of thousands of customers to achieve their financial goals; let us help you.






Finance Essentials


Finance Products

Explore all Options. With plenty of choice it important to research what finance product suits you.

Insurance Products

Protect the things you love. Understand more about the popular types of insurance when it comes to asset finance

Your Credit Score

Understand more about how your credit score is becoming an increasingly important yardstick when you need to borrow money.



Interest Rates and Credit Fees & Charges


About Interest Rates

An interest rate is the rate which is charged or paid for the use of money. Learn about the many factors taken into account to determine an interest rate.

AFS Interest Rates

Check out AFS' Interest Rates for our fixed rate loans for either personal use or business use.

AFS Fees & Charges

Full transparency. It's important that you fully understand the fees and charges associated with our credit products.


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